ER Technical introduces its NEW Pipe Coating Service

2nd November 2016

Many drainage contractors are often faced with a pipe repair or renovation where traditional methods of lining or patching cannot be applied. There are many reasons for this, from access issues to multiple bends, diameter changes to time and costs.

Pipe Coating is one possibility often overlooked and certainly not widely available in the UK until now.

We are now able to include a Pipe Coating system to our ever increasing range of pipe repair and renovation services.

Using a specially designed 2-part resin, pump and delivery system coupled with the appropriate diameter brushes the system can be used in all pipe materials, PVC, clay, concrete and cast iron in diameters 32mm to 150mm, and can coat vertical and horizontal pipes.

It can negotiate bends and diameter changes and can cope with temperatures ranging between -40 to +120 degrees centigrade giving a life expectancy of between 30 to 50 years.

The resin is brushed rather than sprayed giving a uniformed finish of between 2 to 4mm depending on the diameter of the pipe and the number of coats applied.

As this is a brush coating system there is no need to use cutters to reopen lateral connections.

ER Technical can now offer our valued customers yet another service when it comes to pipe repairs and another option for tricky projects where normal solutions cannot be applied. Leaving you to concentrate on your main program of works. 

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