Leak Detection


With our combined wealth of experience we have been involved in soil mechanics and Trenchless technology. Repairing or renovating problems in gas, water and drainage pipes. These works, were and are, predominantly as a result of leakage or structural integrity.

The loss statistics of clean water supply and the wastage of treated water drive the majority of leak detection projects, however it is not the only factor, leakage and its effect on the surrounding ground conditions, soil movement, cavitation and bridging on adjacent utilities can have catastrophic consequences.

Many pipe renovation enquiries are generated from possible leakage and environmental ex-filtration issues.

Water leakage from clean water pipes is a growing problem with our ageing infrastructure and pinpointing these defects is key to saving water, money and

Environmental issues, together with the risks of soil movement.

We have technology and skills that can assist in locating and pinpointing leakage

In both drainage systems and clean water infrastructure.

Whatever the utility or kind of leak the same procedure applies:

  • Localise
  • Locate
  • Pinpoint

Saving Water is necessary but finding leaks before they result in dramatic consequences is essential

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