Leak Detection

Many pipe renovation enquiries are generated from possible leakage and environmental

Ex filtration issues or pipe work that has failed a test as part of a development.


Often these cannot be identified by camera survey alone, which effects the investigations necessary or results in an inappropriate solution.


E.R.Technical Services are always prepared to embrace innovative solutions to assist

Contractors in the pipe renovation industry.









As a result we have mobilised a leak detection vehicle, with the facility to identify, locate and record individual leaks on a line

Using a revolutionary system that measures different electrical flow through pipe defects.

A graphical analysis clearly identifies the areas of leakage. The mobile unit is operated by our fully certificated trained staff who will come to site in their self-contained unit. A visual display will identify problem areas and a site print out is available.

Since electricity flows through the slightest crack and around corners, we can locate ALL defective pipe joints and sewer tap connections that CCTV can’t by visual observation. In addition to identifying leak locations,

It is also possible to assess the size of a leak. The bigger the electrical flow, the bigger the defect, the bigger the leak potential. The type of defect – joint, tap, or crack, is shown by the pattern of the electric current.

Pollution Risk Assessment, Test Failure Analysis,

Leak Location, Locating Infiltration

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