A new perspective on Survey and Condition Assessment.

15th March 2016

Our aim is to provide our customers with a new dimension on the basic information gathered by combining conventional CCTV with clear reporting, above ground survey information; tracing and accurate measurement so that a full engineering assessment can be carried out. It can also be combined with other techniques from our portfolio.

By Tracing lines and carrying out topographical surveys combined with internal assessment, 3D mapping and accurate measurement of chambers without the need to enter a confined space, a full picture is available for assessment and risk management.


Our latest addition 3D mapping

is a practical and cost effective solution for pipes, sewers and ducts up to 200 meters in length. Using a combination of

rate-gyros, together with odometers and an inclinometer. The device is inserted in the pipe at a manhole or any access point, and pulled or pushed along the pipe to be mapped. The positions of the access points is established independently with precision, normally by GPS, and the resulting map is based on these points. The data acquired is downloaded to a PC to analyse and display data.



Our Survey Support Services Include:

  • CCTV [Push Rod – Flexible and Long Push]
  • CCTV [Pan and Tilt]
  • Manhole Surveys [Laser Ranging]
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Above Ground Tracing
  • 3D mapping [ Under Structures, Roads , Rivers etc]
  • Line and level Surveys
  • Leak Testing [Pipes , ElectroScan,Smoke,Joint Testing]
  • Leak Testing [Chambers]



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