Leak Diagnosis

19th February 2016

Leak Diagnosis::

Leakage from drainage pipes is a common problem that can result in pollution of watercourses or Infiltration of groundwater leading to unstable ground conditions resulting in pipe failure and additional sewage processing costs through pumping and treatment.

Our specialist unit was mobilised to test, diagnose and pinpoint leakage events.

Using a combination of hydrostatic pressure testing, video camera inspection, pipe tracing, Electroscan low voltage technology, Smoke Testing and joint testing we are able to locate and identify individual leaks on a pipeline and internal stacks.

By combining this technology with Acoustic listening devices we are able to diagnose and assess leakage in both gravity and pressure systems.

By adding chamber survey and testing resources we are able to diagnose problems in an entire system and ensure tanks and chambers are structurally sound and environmentally compliant.

CCTV - Electroscan  - Fog smoker - Pressure testing  - Acoustic listening – Tracing - Chamber testing – Joint testing – Hydrostatic testing –


Documentation – All of our Leak surveys are backed up by:

  • A site plan .
  • A Coded CCTV Survey.
  • A graph of all pipe defects, generated on a tablet and a hardcopy printout. A Chamber survey printout showing test status against European Standards.
  • Flow analysis and full field data analysis is also available with estimates of leakage volumes.
  • We also have the resources to provide topographical and level data of particular lengths. 

Recent Equipment upgrades and aquisitions give us the opportunity to provide a more comprehensive service for the future 

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