Impregnation & Cure

The key element for installing a quality liner, regardless of material supplier is impregnation. Many liners are impregnated using a clumsy version of River Dance.

The first step to improving the quality of a liner is to ensure that the resin is distributed throughout the carrier in the correct quantity to give the required cured density.

This is achieved using a vac and roller combination with a set roller gap dependent on the liner.

E R technical Services supply a range of impregnation equipment to suit our customers requirements and are happy to demonstrate the quality improvements that are possible.

Our range of impregnation equipment includes budget domestic units right through to bespoke stationary units for larger diameters. (manual, semi- or full-automatic operation) for 100 to 1000 mm liners.

Our vacuum pumps are available in practical sizes with various cup configurations to suit the customer's size range.

E R Technical Services also supply boiler units and re-circulation set ups suitable for all aspects of lining from heat assisted cure right through to full hot cure and steam.

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