Manhole Surveys & Chamber Repairs


The First Stage of any solution is to collect and assess the information on a problem.

When a customer has a shortfall in resources to carry out survey works or has a pipe outside the scope of their existing equipment.

We have the equipment and trained operatives to assist.

Our service incorporates surface level operation, taking away the need for man entry eliminating any safety hazards in a self-contained vehicle , accompanied by a trained operative to enable us to complete surveys to assist with peaks in our customers demand.  We are capable of inspecting Manholes, Chambers, Septic tanks etc.  This allows inspections up to 12m deep and up to 60m clarity.

This development works alongside a range of services for leak detection in chambers, tanks and pipework. E.R Technical continues to invest heavily in this area to provide a full survey and investigation package that goes beyond a traditional structural survey.

Chamber Repairs

We can offer bespoke solutions to any rehabiliation work on chambers, channels, manholes etc. Using materials and technologies specifically manufactured to provide technically advanced solutions to everyday problems in drains and sewers.  Ranging from protective concrete coatings to chemical resistant waterproofing mortars in any given industry.

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