Special Projects

E R Technical Services have carried out a number of Special Projects to assist customers with very specialist contracts.

As a solutions provider, we are often asked to assist customers with projects that are often outside the norm.

From material supply, to planning, design, providing specialist equipment and on-site support. Many are interesting jobs, at interesting locations.

Some are unusual and others are a challenge.


One Example ::

A Roof drainage system in an architectural protection environment was a 3" square roof outlet with an almost immediate 90' bend

vertical then changing shape to a circular pipe for the vertical section. We were able to assist our customer with a workable solution, and the equipment and skills to successfully complete the job.



Another Example ::

The second an industrial situation was a 500mm diameter pipe, with leakage issues. The line ran vertically 2m then a 90' bend a 2m horizontal section followed by another 90’ bend and back to a 2m vertical section. A 500mm hot cure epoxy resin liner was installed to solve the problem.


The UK market is changing and drainage contractors need to look for opportunities outside their normal scope of work.

E R Technical Services was formed to assist companies to develop solutions resulting in new work opportunities.

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